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The  list of external resources is meant to enhance your ability to offer accessible resources.  

Accessibility Validators details resources that will check your website and return a list of accessibility issues. You must run your site through at least one of these validators before going live with your site.  

The international DO-IT Center promotes the success of individuals with disabilities and the use of computer and networking technologies to increase their independence, productivity, and participation in education and careers.

Accessibility Validators

Once you are finished designing your Website it is important to validate the site for accessibility issues.  There are a variety of validators available for free. One of the more popular sites is WAVE or WEBaim.  

Web accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help determine if a Web site meets accessibility guidelines. While Web accessibility evaluation tools can significantly reduce the time and effort to evaluate Web sites, no tool can automatically determine the accessibility of Web sites.

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

WCAG Quick Reference