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UAB Organizational Learning & Development offers two classes that cover specific web accessibility issues:

1.  Introduction to HTML

2. Dreamweaver Introduction

These courses are general introductions to HTML and Dreamweaver, though they also cover specific web accessibility. The HTML class covers the necessity of accessibility options, especially for UAB pages, and the Dreamweaver class reiterates it because of the available tools the software offers for easily incorporating the options.

The following accessibility topics are covered in the HTML class and are then reiterated in the Dreamweaver class:

  • Alt attributes for images: what they are, why we need to use them, how to include them in the HTML code
  • Colors and color schemes: what is appropriate and what is not; colors and combinations to avoid for those with visual impairment
  • Appropriate use of meta tags
To register for the Introduction to HTML or Dreamweaver Introduction courses, please login to the Faculty & Staff Learning System using your BlazerID and password.