The compliance certification portion of the reaffirmation process allows institutions to demonstrate concordance with the Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements. Please note that the information presented is a snapshot from September of 2014 and may no longer be current.

Institutions must provide and/or demonstrate the following for each standard:

  1. Level of compliance
  2. Evidential support
  3. Discussion of the interpretation of the standards
Compliance Certification Report (with supporting documents)

Compliance Certification Report (printable, without supporting documents)

Focused Report for 2015 Reaffirmation

The focused report is an additional element of the reaffirmation process.  It provides updated or additional documentation in response to judgments by the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee regarding requirements or standards with which the committee found the institution to be in non-compliance or which the committee did not review. Please note that the information presented is a snapshot from January of 2015 and may no longer be current.

Focused Report (with supporting documents)

Focused Report (printable, without supporting documents)