1st Place

Antavar Stinson: "Once I heard of the push for team building throughout the curriculum, I was not looking forward to it."

April Hoge: "I found myself waiting for Dr. Watts to pop out from the shadows along with Ashton Kutcher to tell us we’d been Punk’d."

Bareera Saeed: "Teamwork has both been my greatest friend and obstacle."

QEP & WE - Zeenat Islam, Sufia Alam, Judge Ali, Sameer Punjani: "I can’t believe how irresponsible I was – I was such a bad teammate."

2nd Place

Austin Smith: "Working on a team emphasizes the importance of humility and mutual respect."

Jana Iqal: "We were longer fantasized competitors. We were now teammates."

Lauren Humphreys: "Each time you work in a team, you should experience a bit of personal growth."

QEP & WE - Stephanie Diei, Courtney Carraway, Mark Jeon, Gysuik Park, Alex Patel: "We fought and fight with all our might, / Whether or not we were wrong or right"

3rd Place

Annisha Borah: "We find solace in the fact that all of us are sharing this experience that unites us."

Becca Weekley: "Teamwork is the largest aspect effecting patient care."

Hamna Syed: "If only you are tired when the project is finished then it is clear that you didn’t consider your group members and their talents."

Joy Walls: "My disdain with group learning began in kindergarten."

Keyur Savla: "I had a new group of friends, and had taken my first step towards overcoming stage fright."

Raven Edwards: "The very first lesson I received when I began at UAB was how to work in a team."

Sohini Parekh: "Working in a team opened doors to new ideas which would have remained locked had I done this project myself."