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Dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these catalogs feature a variety of instruments, tools, and supplies that were available to medical practitioners during this time period. Each catalog contains black and white drawings of the equipment being sold, alongside descriptions and prices. Some also contain photos or color drawings, and testimonials or instructions in using the equipment and performing new procedures are sometimes included. The catalogs are housed at the Reynolds-Finley Historical Library, and some of the objects can be found in the Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences.

Coffer-dam Rubber and Appliances
A Condensed Catalogue forSelecting Our Porcelain Teeth and Davis Crowns
Condensed Price List
Dental Engines and Equipments
Dental Furniture and Cases
Feick Bros. Catalogue of Surgical Instruments
Filling materials: Gold, alloys, gutta-percha stopping, cements, etc., etc.
Handbook of Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Hollingsworth System for Crown-and Bridge-Work, Including the Method of Contouring Crowns
Illustrated Catalogue of Dental Instruments and Materials
Illustrations of Surgical Instruments
Instructions in the Most Approved Methods of Mounting Logan Crowns as Exemplified in the Practice of Expert Operators
Lathes and Equipments - 1894
Lathes and Equipments - 1896
Liquefied Nitrous Oxide and Apparatus for its Inhalation
Modern Optical Goods and Appliances
Optical Machinery Tools and Supplies
Partz Batteries and Accessories
Specialties for the Mouth
Things New and Old Indispensable to the Dental Office and Laboratory
Vulcanizers, Celluloid Press, and Accessories
Wholesale catalogue