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Army ROTC counts as credit toward your college diploma. You can take entry level ROTC courses without making any commitment to the military.

In Army ROTC, you'll do work that will challenge you both mentally and physically. As you find yourself rappelling or leading your team through various obstacles, you'll develop skills you can use throughout your entire life and career. Skills like critical thinking and leadership development.

Army ROTC awards scholarships to hundreds of students each year, based solely on merit. You could receive a full scholarship for tuition and educational fees, plus money for books and a monthly allowance to help cover the day-to-day costs of college.

As a college and ROTC graduate, you will serve as an Army officer, either full time on active duty or part time while you begin your civilian career.

After Army ROTC, problem solving, team building and decision making will be second nature. Plus, you'll have the self-assurance of knowing you can push yourself to the limit.

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