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Why Join Army ROTC?

In a word: BREADTH. The ROTC program is for students who want more than a typical, college experience, and we offer a range of choices. An appeal of the Army is that it offers an extremely broad range of missions, geographical dispersion, career skills and leadership opportunities on land, sea, air, space and cyberspace. Medicine, dentistry, veterinary, law (via the Army’s Judge Advocate General Corps) and the chaplaincy (of any faith) are also available. Bigger may not always be better, but it does create a lot of options for military men and women looking to broaden their horizons.

Do you want to serve your country as an Army officer? The training each Cadet receives through the Reserve Officer Training Corps Program (ROTC) program is extremely beneficial in preparing future leaders in the Army or civilian sector. Whether you plan to pursue a civilian career or serve as an Army officer, the skills to will acquire throughout your ROTC experience will serve dividends in the immediate future.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities

Special Programs

Special Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



Interested in the military, but not ready to commit to service?

Consider taking our Military Science class, an open-enrollment, elective course. There are no prerequisites or commitments when registering for the Military Science class and lab. Enrollment in Military Science DOES NOT constitute a military obligation. You are not joining the Army – you are merely registering for a class.

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A week in the life of a UAB Army ROTC Freshmen Cadet


Physical Training

3 hours and 15 minutes per week

Training includes basic physical conditioning and leadership fundamentals.

Leadership Lab

Thursday (0 credit hours)
1 hour and 15 minutes per week

Practical application of what you learn in class; the fun part of ROTC- get out, get hands-on, get dirty; typically the one day of the week that you wear your uniform.


Tuesday/Thursday (2 credit hours)
2 hours and 30 minutes per week

Learn how to live a goal-oriented lifestyle; develop and internalize principles and values; familiarize yourself with Army customs and courtesies; develop technical and tactical expertise; bolster communication skills.

Additional Activities

Leadership Reaction Course; Ranger Challenge Team; Paintball Field Training Exercise (FTX), Interstate FTX, Color Guard & National Colors; Military Ball; Intramural Sports.
Army ROTC students studying and conversing.

Need additional information or an application?

Contact our Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO), Daryl Long at (205) 582-7766 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..