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education inline h 800x640pxThe ROTC program is comprised of the Basic Course (Freshman/ Sophomore) and the Advanced Course (Junior/Senior). The Basic Course is designed to introduce students to military leadership, develop basic leadership skills, and present individual challenges. The Advanced Course is focused on preparing students to serve as leaders in the United States Army.

All Basic and Advanced courses include both classroom work and a weekly afternoon lab. Weekend activities are also occasionally required for enrolled students.

Each dropdown below includes course numbers and descriptions for classes at each level.

  • Basic Course (100/200 Level)

    MS 101. Military Leadership (2cr). This course is an introduction to universal leadership skills with emphasis on practical work. Activities in this course may includes rappelling, water safety, first aid, physical fitness, and communication. This course incurs NO military commitment.

    MS 102. Military Leadership (2cr). This course continues MIL 101 and may include practical field skills, marksmanship, and leadership techniques. This course incurs NO military commitment.

    MS 201. Military Leadership (2cr). Theoretical and practical instruction in leadership including written and oral communication, effective listening, assertiveness, personality, motivation, and organizational culture and change. Case studies in leadership and problem solving. This course incurs NO military commitment.

    MS 202. Military Leadership (2cr). Examines national and Army values. Apply principles of ethical decision making. Examine the legal and historical foundations, duties, and functions of officers. Introduces basic U.S. Army tactical principles. This course incurs NO military commitment.

  • Advanced Course (300/400 Level)

    MS 301. Military Leadership (3cr). This course addresses principles, objectives, and techniques for leadership. Cadets will apply the functions of a leader and examine special problems in leadership. Cadets will also master the military operations order as related to small unit tactics in the offense and defense. This course emphasizes problem analysis and decision making, delegation and control, planning and organizing, and interpersonal skills for effective leadership.

    MS 302. Military Leadership (3cr). The Cadet will learn techniques of directing and coordinating individual and team tactics through practical exercises in the local training area. They will apply the principles of leadership as well as develop their potential by planning, preparing, and presenting practical instruction.

    MS 401. Military Leadership (3cr). Advanced instruction on functions of the US Army officer focusing on skills required for meeting management, subordinate career counseling, Army training management, junior officers and battlefield ethics.

    MS 402. Military Leadership (3cr). Study legal aspects of US Army decision making and leadership, Army tactical and strategic organizations, and administrative and logistical management.

  • Additional Courses

    MS 204. Rangers (1cr). This course continues the development of Cadet competencies and confidence through the study of intermediate leadership, technical, and tactical instruction. To enhance the Cadet's historical knowledge of planning and executing small unit, combat missions. To teach and develop combat arms related functional skills relevant to fighting the close combat, direct fire battle.

    MS 327. American Military History (3cr). This is a survey course of American Military History from Pre-Revolutionary War days to the present. We will discuss the evolution of our Armed Forces with a primary emphasis on the U.S. Army.

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