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Congratulations on selecting UAB as your college of choice. As one of the nation’s finest research-intensive universities, you are off to a good start at UAB!

As you enter a new phase in your life, you have to make some important decisions.  For those of you who choose to accept the challenge offered by the ROTC program, I applaud your decision and can provide some guidance. Let me try to answer some of your questions about becoming a cadet.

UAB provides a rich environment for you to pursue your academic, physical fitness and social interaction goals. Our excellent location, international reputation and the rigor of the course work allows for a diverse mixture of experiences. The men and women who join the ROTC program are given the opportunity to develop into great leaders. The program takes your motivation, the support from your fellow cadets, and help from experienced instructors to help you reach your highest goals in all aspects of your college career. You will be brought into an organization that teaches you standards, values, and leadership skills.

The ROTC program allows you to gain practical experience, and also provides financial assistance for college. The program allows cadets to compete for scholarships to pay for tuition, books and a stipend. After receiving your degree, you will be commissioned as an Officer in the world’s greatest Army, serving either part-time in the National Guard or Reserves, or full time on Active Duty. Being an Army Officer is an exciting career with unforgettable experiences and endless adventure.

Signing up for an ROTC class is simple and your ROTC class will take no more time than any other class. Our instructors are professionals that strive to provide you with an atmosphere that inspires learning and develops your leadership skills in a challenging and fun environment.

If you have the desire and skills to pursue this opportunity, please contact the UAB Department of Military Science at (205) 761-7184 and ask to speak with the Scholarship and Enrollment Operations Officer, or email us at roo@uab.edu. I look forward to speaking with you about the program and the different options available to you.

Karl Reuter
LTC, US Army
Professor of Military Science