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  • How is the Benevolent Fund Council organized?

    The Benevolent Fund is managed by a Council comprised of UAB employees representing each major unit of the UAB enterprise as outlined in the by-laws. Areas represented include UAB Callahan Eye, UA Health Services Foundation, University of Alabama at Birmingham, UAB Health System, UAB Hospital, VIVA Health. Voting members are elected for two-year terms. The operating guidelines to which the council adheres are defined in the UAB Faculty and Staff Benevolent Fund By-Laws.

  • How do I make suggestions or ask questions about the Benevolent Fund's operations?

    The UAB Benevolent Fund is run by a council of employees, which welcomes your suggestions and inquiries. Contact a council member or Benevolent Fund staff to make a suggestion or request additional information.

  • How can I become a member of the Benevolent Fund Council?

    The council is self-perpetuating. Each spring, nominations to the council are solicited through various internal communications. You may nominate yourself or someone else whom you feel would represent the institution well. Selection to the council depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, current council member vacancies based on representation as outlined in the by-laws and the number of votes an individual receives. It is the intent to have the council represent the institution broadly. For this reason, individuals from diverse areas and occupations are selected. All council members must be regular contributors to the Benevolent Fund and be either full-time regular or part-time regular faculty or staff. After a thorough review of the nominees in relation to these and other factors, the Nominating Committee creates a slate of candidates for election by the Council. Nominees' supervisors are asked the approve nominations to make sure employees are able to participate fully.

  • Do I have access to a copy of the Benevolent Fund's By-laws?

    Yes. A current copy of the By-laws is available. A printed copy is also available at the Benevolent Fund office located at 1613 11th Avenue South.

  • How can I be of assistance to the Benevolent Fund if I am not a council member?

    You can help through your donations and through your suggestions regarding improvements in the operations of the Benevolent Fund. You may also volunteer your time to assist in our annual campaign.