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  • How much of my contribution goes to cover administrative costs of the Benevolent Fund?

    It is the intent of the Benevolent Fund Council to keep administrative costs at an absolute minimum. Council members are not paid. Their work is strictly voluntary. There are some costs associated with the campaign each year. The normal activities of the council incur nominal costs. The Benevolent Fund Staff is small and includes the administration of the Employee Emergency Assistance Program. Historically these costs have been 6-8% of contributions.

  • How are undesignated gifts handled?

    Gifts that are not designated to a specific nonprofit go to the Benevolent Fund General Support to be used where funds are needed most. The Council has committed the first dollars to fully fund the Employee Emergency Assistance program. After that, dollars may be used to fund grants to nonprofits that are not on the designations list, fund UAB’s pledge to the United Way of Central Alabama, and to start and fund when needed innovative efforts such as the UAB Habitat for Humanity Build and Blazer Kitchen.

  • Do I have access to a Benevolent Fund financial statement?

    Yes. The UAB Benevolent Fund financial statement can be reviewed at the Benevolent Fund Office located at 1613 11th Avenue South.

  • How were Benevolent Fund contributions spent last year?

    The annual report may be viewed online or in the Benevolent Fund office located at 1613 11th Avenue South.