The Employee Emergency Assistance Program is one of many charitable efforts supported through donations received by the UAB Benevolent Fund.

Employee Emergency Assistance allows a portion of the funds collected by the UAB Benevolent Fund Campaign to remain here helping UAB employees who need financial assistance due to a crisis situation in their lives.

The program objective is to provide UAB, Callahan Eye Hospital, Viva, Health Services Foundation and Health System employees with confidential financial assistance during times of verifiable emergency situations.

Employee Emergency Assistance will continue to be offered with adjustments made for health and safety considerations during COVID-19 limited business operations. Appointments will be conducted via Zoom and/or telephone. To apply for emergency assistance, receive more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact the Benevolent Fund Office at 205-996-2040 or via email at

If applying for assistance, fill out the following forms and email them to the Benevolent Fund. Documentation must be received 24 hours before your appointment or the appointment will be subject to cancellation.

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