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Alabama Brain Bee 2021 Feb. 27, 2021


Schedule (CST)
9AM - Welcome
9:15AM - Exam Start
10:15AM - Exam End & Break
10:30AM - UNP Introduction and Panel
11:20AM - Lunch
12:30PM - Virtual Activities
1:30PM - Break
1:45PM - Final Round
2:10PM - Closing Remarks

What is the Brain Bee? The Alabama Brain Bee is a neuroscience competition for high school students held annually in conjunction with the UAB Neuroscience Day, an event to promote neuroscience education and awareness. For the 2021 Alabama Brain Bee, due to COVID-19, it will be an online virtual event and a webcam will be required of participants in order to take part. A secondary device, such as a phone, will also be needed for participants that are in the final round. 

Who Can Participate? Alabama high school students: Grades 9-12

Entrance Fee: None! The competition is open to all Alabama high school students free of charge.

Event Format: The test will be held through Google Forms (Gmail required) and the link will be sent during the event. The Final Round which will be through Kahoot will also have the code available during the event. All participants should join the Zoom with their full name as their screen name. The same holds true for all spectators too. Webcam is required of all participants and those in the Final Round will need a secondary device.