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Brain Bee Neuroscience Competition for High School Students

Brain Bee

Alabama Brain Bee

The Alabama Brain Bee is a neuroscience competition for high school students held annually in conjunction with the UAB Neuroscience Day, an effort to promote neuroscience education and awareness.

Who Can Participate? Alabama high school students: Grades 9-12

Entrance Fee: None! The competition is open to all Alabama high school students free of charge.

Event Format: The written test (multiple choice) will be held through Google Forms (Gmail required) and the link will be sent during the event. For the oral round, which will include the top 10 performers of the written exam, students will be moved to a separate Zoom breakout room. Students will be asked, one at a time, a neuroscience question to which they then must provide an answer within a short time frame. The top 10 will be eliminated on a one-strike basis until 3 students remain. The final 3 students will be eliminated on a three-strike basis. The last student standing will be the Alabama Brain Bee champion.