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The Alabama Brain Bee is a neuroscience competition for high school students held annually in conjunction with the UAB Neuroscience Day, an effort to promote neuroscience education and awareness. The Alabama Brain Bee is one of many local brain bee competitions across the nation and the world which culminate in the International Brain Bee competition. The International Brain Bee was founded by Dr. Norbert Myslinski in 1999 to "[motivate] our youth to learn more about the brain... We need their energy and their passion to help find cures for Autism, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury and other brain disorders."

Free, downloadable material is available online for all students participating in the Brain Bee competitions – see the Preparatory Resources tab. Traditionally, the local competitions consist of multiple choice and oral components. The national competition consists of neuroanatomical practicals, neurohistological slide readings, patient diagnosis, and MRI reading components. The champion from the local level earns the opportunity to represent their region at the National level – and, perhaps, the International level. Past International Brain Bee winners have gone on to work with top researchers and neuroscientists. The winners of the Alabama Brain Bee have placed in the top 3 in the US National Brain Bee competition for the past two years!