Advising Area: Major and Minor - Biology (75 hours and above); Minor - Environmental Science

Advising Area: Majors and Minors - World Languages and Literatures, International Studies, Political Science and Psychology online - Last names starting with A - K

Advising Areas: Majors - all Art & Art History (including Arts and Humanities) students; all Athlete students: Minors - Art History, Art Studio, Film, Digital Community Studies, Media Studies

Advising Areas: Majors and Minors - Cancer Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-Cancer Biology

Advising Areas: Majors - General Studies, Social Work; Minor – Social Work

Brett Hurst

Advising Area: Majors and Minors - Computer Science (A-O)

Advising Area: Biology (up until 74 hours)

Director, CAS Advising Office

Advising Areas: Majors - Criminal Justice Minors - American Studies, Criminal Justice, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science, Human Rights, Legal Affairs

brannette marshall

Advising Areas: Biology (up until 74 hours)

Advising Areas: Majors - Anthropology, History, Musical Theatre, Sociology, Theatre; Minors - Anthropology, Peace, Justice & Ecology (Environmental Studies), History, Medical Sociology, Social Psychology, Sociology, Theatre

Advising Area: Majors and Minors - Computer Science (P-Z), Digital Forensics

Advising Area: Majors - Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Immunology, Pre-BioInformatics, BioInformatics

Advising Areas: Majors - English, Music, Philosophy, Pre-Music; Minors - Creative Writing, English (Literature), Linguistics, Music (must audition), Music Technology (must audition), Philosophy, Philosophy and Law, Professional Writing and Psychology online - Students with last names L - Z.

Advising Area: Major and Minor - Psychology


Advising Area: Major and Minor - Psychology

Advising Areas: Majors - African American Studies, Communication Studies; Minors - African American Studies, Communications Management, Mass Communication

Advising Areas: Majors - Neuroscience, Pre-Neuroscience; Minors - Neuroscience