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Pre-Law Summer Camp 2021

Daily Activities

Students will be prepped for the trial re-imagined through a schedule that looks like this:

  • Online Preparation: Review original court transcripts and evidence, complete online trial preparation lessons, review the law
  • Day 1 Online: Orientation, Team Formation, Discovering Stories
  • Day 2 Online: Finding the Story with an Attorney Instructor, Opening Statements with an Attorney Instructor
  • Day 3 Online: Closing Argument with an Attorney Instructor, Direct Examination with an Attorney Instructor
  • Day 4 Online: Evidence with an Attorney Instructor, Demonstratives with an Attorney Instructor
  • Day 5 Online: Objections with an Attorney Instructor, Cross-Examination with an Attorney Instructor
  • Day 6 Online: Workshop Prosecution’s Case, Workshop Defense’s Case
  • Day 7 Online: Mock Trial

Camp Content

Camp is led by instructors, attorneys, practicing professionals and Scottsboro subject matter experts.