M.S. in Cyber Security (MSSec)

The Master of Science in Cyber-Security (MSSec) program is an interdisciplinary professional/practice graduate program intended to develop skills — familiarity with industry practices, innovative methods, critical thinking, and problem solving — crucial for competitiveness and success in the areas of computer forensics, information security management, and forensic accounting.

UAB's Facebook Suite. This program is intended to increase the pipeline of prospective, high-quality, entry- and advanced level employees involved with protecting physical and virtual systems — systems that are vital to the US and whose incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on national security and the nation’s economic system. The program also provides current employees in the public and private sectors an opportunity to obtain advanced-level, high-quality training in the core areas of computer forensics, information security management, and forensic accounting, to facilitate career advancement.

MS Cyber-Security involves faculty from the Departments of Computer Science and Criminal Justice (College of Arts and Sciences) and the Departments of Management, Information Systems Quantitative Methods, and Accounting & Finance (School of Business).

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission to the program, regardless of their specific undergraduate preparation, should have some formal exposure to the core areas of the program. If you lack requisite backgrounds but meet minimum admission requirements, you may be admitted to the program on a contingency basis and required to take a series of prerequisite courses. See the MS Cyber-Security Admissions page for more information.

Degree Requirements

You will complete a set of core courses (including computer forensics/cybercrime investigation, information security management, and ethics) and then choose an area of specialization in either computer forensics/cybercrime investigation or IT audit/fraud examination. Both specializations include a required field practicum (internship) that is completed with an appropriate public or private sector agency or organization.

Please consult the UAB Graduate Catalog for the list of required core and specialization courses.

Learn about the Cybercorps: Scholarship for Service program.

Program Co-Directors

Dr. Nitesh Saxena, Main Program Contact
Department of Computer Science
(205) 975-3432

Dr. Jeffery Walker, Department of Criminal Justice
(205) 934-2069