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Digital Forensics Program Requirements

The goal of the required courses for a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Digital Forensics is to provide graduates with the tools they need in computer programming and operations to work effectively within a computer environment, and also the skills needed to understand the behavior of those who may be a threat to computer systems and/or engage in cybercrime. Additionally, graduates will have an understanding of the legal systems and processes necessary to gather digital evidence and support a computer investigation in court if necessary.

All students graduating with the digital forenics major will be required to complete an internship. These internships will place students in a law enforcement or intelligence agency at the federal, state, or local level; or in a cybersecurity-related position within a business industry such as banking (Regions, Wells Fargo), finance (Visa, Deloitte), computers (Facebook, Google), or retail (Walmart, Target). Students will gain practical experience in their future employment and will be able to test the skills they developed in the program.

Course Catalog

A complete list of program requirements and courses are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog Catalog.

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