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Why Choose the Bachelor of General Studies at UAB?


The Bachelor of General Studies allows you to integrate your diverse academic interests, contribute to society in meaningful ways, and find full-time employment or compete for promotion. This major is designed for flexibility and emphasizes your skills at adapting to different situations and communicating well.

How Does it Work?

Simply put, you combine two (or even three) UAB minors into a major. You can combine the social sciences, arts and humanities, business, and our UAB health-related disciplines. You may even be able to complete some minors online.

Is General Studies a Good Fit for Me?

  • Are you interested in a flexible academic option within UAB’s rigorous academic landscape?
  • Are you intellectually curious, multifaceted, and versatile?
  • Have you studied several disciplines and almost completed a couple of minors?
  • Are you interested in graduating with a set of well-rounded skills that will allow you to contribute to society and the workforce in a variety of ways?
  • Do you want to develop critical thinking skills, good communication skills, and an understanding of what it means to be a global and engaged citizen?
  • Do you want to develop basic expertise and competencies in at least two chosen disciplines of your choice?
  • Are you determined, open-minded, hard-working?
  • Do you want to apply for positions for which the minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree?
  • Do you want a degree that integrates your diverse interests?
  • Are you ready for a professional career?
  • Do you want to accomplish your goal of graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from UAB?

If you said yes to most or all of these, then the UAB Bachelor of General Studies is the right fit for you. We offer a flexible and rigorous academic option that will meet your unique needs.


We invite you to explore the site to learn more about the Bachelor of General Studies.

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Program Requirements

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