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General Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program. It allows you to combine multiple subject areas, from the sciences and social sciences to the humanities and arts, and from business to our UAB health-related disciplines. All undergraduate programs at UAB that offer a minor support this program — you can craft a degree to fit your career goals.

How It Works

  • Complete Two Minors


    Choose from all the minors that UAB currently offers at the undergraduate level. You can take a third minor if you wish.

    We encourage you to choose minors that fit your unique needs, intellectual or artistic interests, and professional aspirations.

  • Take Capstone Experience Course


    This course helps you examine your academic choices and develop an understanding of the relation between:

    • your degree of academic engagement within your chosen disciplines,
    • your personal growth as an undergraduate,
    • your experiences with your major,
    • the skills you have built, and
    • your career choices.

    Course objective: learn how to apply knowledge from multiple disciplines (your minors) to different contexts, examine how your intellectual development has evolved and matured over the years, and analyze the opportunities ahead of you.

  • Finish Other Requirements


    To graduate you must have a total of 9 credit hours at 400-level or above, and grades of C or better in all classes related to your major.

  • Graduate


    Commencement represents the culmination of the academic experience at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. This is where we hope to see you at the end of your studies — sitting in Bartow Arena, waiting for your name to be called.

Next Steps

Current Student?

Make an appointment to meet with the General Studies advisor.

Transfer Student?

Apply now, and then meet with the General Studies advisor.