About Us

Welcome to the Department of History! We offer undergraduate and graduate courses leading to the BA and MA in History.

Our undergraduates and graduates have used their degrees to enter into careers as curators of historical sites, such as Sloss Furnaces, Rickwood Field, and others. Many other students have moved on to careers in law, publishing, museums, and education at high schools and community colleges.

The department is dedicated to our students, and we offer programs, opportunities, and guidance to aid in their success:
  • Internships are a valuable tool to gain experience in the field—our students have interned at Vulcan Park, Sloss Furnaces, the Japan American Society, and the Southern Museum of Flight, among many others.
  • Our students produce the award-winning Vulcan Historical Review, providing them with invaluable publishing and editing experience. The Review contains articles and book/movie reviews written by the students.
  • Joining a student group can provide opportunities beyond those found in the classroom and be the foundation of a career network that students can build on after graduation. Our students are active members of Phi Alpha Theta, the History honors society. There is also a Graduate History Association that sponsors socials, and a Graduate History Conference.
  • Our students present their research at local, regional, and national conferences. This gives them critical experience in presenting in a public forum and the opportunity to publish in academic journals. Faculty mentors guide both undergraduate and graduate students to make the most of these opportunities.

History majors are required to take the historical methods course, The Historian's Craft, which requires students to go deep into the research process. In it, students will develop their writing skills, study the quantitative aspects of historical scholarship, and examine the ethical and civic responsibilities historians bear towards the profession and the larger community—useful skills for any career our students pursue.

Graduate students are required to take seminars and eventually concentrate on either US History or European/ non-Western areas. There are two paths to choose from—a master's thesis or a comprehensive exam.

The History faculty is committed to outstanding scholarship and teaching. We look forward to engaging with you on the wonders of History and how its study can provide critical insight into a complex and changing world.

Jonathan Wiesen
Chair, Department of History