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A Novel, Interdisciplinary Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights (HRT)—inspired by the rich human rights and civil rights history Birmingham, Alabama, has to offer—prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to engage in fields that directly promote human rights, especially in the public and non-profit sectors.

This major is designed for students interested in interdisciplinary studies and applied skills, including community engagement, communication across different disciplines and with different stakeholders, critical thinking, leadership and professionalism, teamwork, and how best to use technology for research, education, and the promotion of human rights.

The HRT major is the first and only program of its kind at a public university in the Deep South. It prepares you for career options in various fields, including work in the social service and advocacy fields, public administration, legal professions, and with non-profit, public, government, and international organizations. Students will learn how different actors in human rights interact, how they face human rights violations, and how active engagement with human rights can lead to social change and equity.

Undergraduate Program

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Engage with Human Rights Experts

Engage with Human Rights Experts

The B.A. in Human Rights offers a world-class education and background in human rights and the opportunity to engage with human rights speakers, professors, activists, community organizers, and artists from all around the world.

Applied Experiences

Applied Experiences

The major can help prepare you for careers in government, the public sector, and with non-profit organizations, and is designed to offer the skills and foundation you need if you will continue on to pursue a graduate or law degree. Through service learning and internship programs, you will gain hands-on experience with human rights and make valuable connections to people working in the field in Birmingham, across the U.S., and internationally.

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