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Academic Programs in the Department of Music

""Undergraduate Studies

Are you interested in undergraduate studies in music? Then you've found the right place to study. The UAB Department of Music offers three bachelors degrees to students:

We also offer minors in Music and Music Technology. Students majoring in other fields may complete a minor in music or music technology and may take music courses as electives. The Department of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Undergraduate Honors Program

Our students are encouraged to audition for the Young Performing Artists Program, which allows you to present a full-length, public recital sponsored by the Department. This recital is in addition to any senior or junior recitals that may be part of the degree program. Once the requirements for the Young Performing Artists Program are completed, you will graduate from UAB “with honors."

Graduate Studies

Are you interested in graduate studies? If so, we offer the Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in music education. Two distinct tracks are available: the Traditional 5th-Year Program for students whose undergraduate degree is in music education and the Alternative Program for those whose undergraduate degree lies outside the music education field. Both lead toward a Class A certification in music.

Summer Programs for Middle and High School Students

UAB Summer Bands Music Camp

A wonderful musical opportunity awaits you: the UAB Middle School and High School Summer Music Camp. We are incredibly excited to offer you a comprehensive week-long musical experience right here in our own Magic City. The week of fantastic music-making opportunities includes a full band, small ensemble participation, and training in music theory, literature, and conducting. In addition, students will have the opportunity to study privately with members of the UAB Music faculty and perform on a world-class stage. For more information contact the UAB Department of Music at (205) 934-7376.