Craig BrandweinAssistant Professor, Music Technology
234 Hulsey Center
(205) 996-0640

Research and Teaching Interests: Education, Composer, Musician, Music Technology, Recording Engineering, Producing, Film Scoring and Sound Design

This is a photo of faculty member Won Cho.Publicity BioAssociate Professor
245 Hulsey Center
(205) 934-8781

Research and Teaching Interests:  Applied Voice, Opera, Art Song, Oratorio, Musical, Diction for Singers, Acting, Opera Directing, Solo Performance in Opera, Oratorio, Concerts, CD recording, and with orchestra, Research on Korean Folk Songs/Art Songs through CD recording, Lecture-Recital, Concert, and publication

Patrick Evans. Photo credit: Marilyn Culler Professor, Chair
Hulsey Center 240
(205) 934-5828

Research and Teaching Interests: Sacred Music; Voice; Diction; Congregational Song; Global Hymnody; Opera; Music Theatre; Liturgy, Music, Justice, and Gender

Gene Fambrough. Publicity BioAssociate Professor
Assistant Director of Bands
203 Hulsey Center
(205) 975-5823

Research and Teaching Interests: Percussion Ensemble, Marching Percussion, Steel Drum Band, Marimba

""Publicity BioProfessor, Associate Chair
Coordinator of Music Education 
Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music
241 Hulsey Center
(205) 975-0558

Research and Teaching Interests:  Clarinet, Music Education

Kristine Hurst WajszczukPublicity Bio
B-Metro interview
Associate Professor of Voice
Director of Opera
249 Hulsey
(205) 934-8906

Research and Teaching Interests:  Performance Anxiety Management, Dowland Lute Songs, Learning Styles and Personality Assessments in the Classroom

This is a photo of faculty member Howard Irving.Publicity BioProfessor
Hulsey Center
(205) 934-8783

Research Interests: Eighteenth and Nineteenth-century British Music Criticism and Historiography, Keyboard Works of Joseph Haydn.

reginald jackson
Director of the UAB Gospel Choir
117 Hulsey Center
(205) 934-6155

Research and Teaching Interests: Gospel Choir Clinician, Gospel Keyboard Improvisation, Solo Hammond B-3, Saxophone, Clarinet, African American Music/Gospel, Sacred Music and Piano Performer.

Emily Jaworski.Assistant Professor
231 Hulsey Center
(205) 934-7376

Research and Teaching Interests: Trauma and the Singing Voice, Music and Justice, Empowering Song, Unitarian Universalist Worship, Alexander Technique, 21st Century Art Song, Art Song as a Political Statement, Musical Theatre Pedagogy, Yoga for Singers

This is a photo of faculty member Yakov Kasman.Publicity BioDistinguished Professor
235 Hulsey Center
(205) 934-8942

Research and Teaching Interests:  Classical Piano Music

This is a photo of Brian Kittredge.Publicity Bio
Associate Professor
Director of Choral Activities
Hulsey Center
(205) 975-2599

Teaching Interests: UAB Choirs

This is a photo of Cara Morantz.Publicity Bio Assistant Professor
Assistant Director of Bands
239 Hulsey Center
(205) 996-5827

Research and Teaching Interests: Instrumental Music Education, Beginning Brass Playing, Singing and Instrumental Performance

Sean P. Murray. Associate Professor
Director of Bands
208 Hulsey Center
(205) 975-9589

Research and Teaching Interests: Conducting, Music Education

This is a photo of faculty member Henry Panion.Publicity Bio
Photo Credit: Steve Wood
University Professor of Music
Director of Music Technology
Hulsey Center
(205) 934-8780

Research and Teaching Interests: Music Technology, Orchestration, Theory, Conducting, Arranging, and Recording Engineering

This is a picture of faculty member William Price.Publicity Bio Associate Professor
238 Hulsey Center
(205) 934-8056

Research and Teaching Interests:  Acoustic and Electroacoustic Music Composition; Postmodern American Music; Temporal and Textual Dissonance; the Music of Frank Zappa, John Zorn, and Tom Waits

This is a placeholder image for the missing photo of faculty member Jeff Reynolds.Publicity Bio Associate Professor
Hulsey Center
(205) 934-8782

Research and Teaching Interests: Choral Music, Conducting

This is a photo of faculty member Steven Roberts.Publicity Bio
Photo Credit: Razaq Kadri
Associate Professor
Hulsey Center
(205) 934-7376

Teaching Interests: Jazz, Trumpet

This is a photo of faculty member Christopher Steele.Publicity BioStaff Pianist
Aural Skills Instructor
242 Hulsey Center
(205) 964-7568

Research and Teaching Interests: Collaborative Piano, Music Theory and Aural Skills, New Music, the late style of Gabriel Fauré

James Zingara.Publicity Bio Associate Professor
247 Hulsey Center
(205) 934-7376

Teaching Interests: Trumpet, Conducting