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Graduates from the Department of Music will:

  • Perform music from a wide range of stylistic periods, genres, and cultural traditions on a primary instrument as a soloist and in varied ensemble settings at a level appropriate to the student's needs, interests, and degree path, and demonstrate keyboard proficiency.
  • Hear, identify, and work with the elements of music, which include melody, harmony, form, and rhythm.
  • Approach and interpret varied musical traditions with fully integrated aural skills, theoretical analysis, and cultural and historical knowledge.
  • Speak and write persuasively about music and its role in society in the 21st century.
  • Utilize technology appropriate to the particular concentration in which they have studied.

  • Additional Student Learning Outcomes for the Music Education Concentrations
    • Demonstrate competencies in conducting and musical leadership of an ensemble, including physical gesturing, aural identification of inaccuracies in rehearsal, and pedagogical techniques to correct errors and improve technical accuracy and musical expression.
    • In addition to the skills required of all music majors, music education majors will be able to demonstrate functional abilities in voice and on brass, woodwind, percussion, and string instruments found in typical P-12 classrooms.
    • Music Education majors will be able to create and lead appropriate class lesson plans, assess effectiveness, and adjust curriculum as needed for the benefit of their P-12 students.
    • Music Education majors will have experience with diverse communities of students and be equipped to implement culturally responsive teaching strategies in any educational setting they encounter.
    • Music Education majors will be able to advocate persuasively for inclusion of music in state P-12 curricula.
    • Music Education majors will pass the national EdTPA certification exam with a score appropriate to teach in public P-12 schools in Alabama.
    • Through a semester-long internship, Music Education students will develop an understanding of expectations and requirements of a professional P-12 music teacher.

Program Requirements

To graduate with a major in music and a concentration in music education (instrumental), you must earn 86-89 hours of academic credit in designated music courses and School of Education and Human Sciences courses, and complete all core curriculum courses required by UAB's College of Arts and Sciences. Completing this program is the equivalent of completing a double major—you will take a heavier course load with classes in the Department of Music and the School of Education and Human Sciences.

All music education students are required to meet with advisors in the Department of Music and the School of Education and Human Sciences each semester.

All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog. They include 3 hours of computer music, public speaking, and psychology; 16 hours of music theory/aural skills; 8-9 hours of music history and literature; 4 hours of conducting; 7 hours of applied lessons; 7 hours of ensembles; 5 hours of applied methods; 2 hours of music electives; and 46 hours of education (including an internship requirement). You must also satisfy the piano proficiency exam and performance attendance requirement.

Instrumental music education students should also complete 6 hours of ensembles (one hour per semester) in one of the major instrumental ensembles (Symphony Band, Orchestra, Marching Band, and Wind Symphony) and at least 1 hour in one of the minor instrumental ensembles (Jazz Combo, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Blazer Band, Computer Music Ensemble, and Piano Ensemble). See The Majors page for descriptions of Major and Minor Ensembles.

You will also take courses outside of the Department of Music, including courses before and after admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

Course Catalog

A complete list of major requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for music majors are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

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