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  • CIS@UAB’s Work Cited by Congressman Palmer
    Gary Warner’s and his students' work has been cited by Congressman Palmer in his recent Facebook Post.
  • UAB startup Malcovery Security acquired by PhishMe
    PhishMe is one of America’s fastest-growing private companies; Malcovery staff will remain at Birmingham’s Innovation Depot.
  • UAB research studies cyberattacks through the lens of EEG and eye tracking
    Computer & Information Sciences researchers tested users’ abilities to detect malware and phishing attacks while measuring the neurophysiological behavior underlying these tasks.
  • UAB research finds automated voice imitation can fool humans and machines
    UAB researchers have found automated and human verification for voice-based user authentication vulnerable, and explore how an attacker in possession of voice audio samples could compromise a victim’s security, safety and privacy.
  • UAB rolls out new technology to help users combat mobile malware attacks
    Researcher’s approach allows the phone’s weakest security component — the user — to become its strongest defender.
  • The Center Featured at Cybersecurity Conference
    To address the myriad factors companies face in the battle against cyber attacks, UAB’s UAB Center for Cyber Security, will be a partner in the upcoming Connected World Conference, presented by Connected World magazine.
  • UAB will showcase new way to secure mobile devices at DHS conference
    Computer and Information Sciences researchers introduce a secure framework for protecting users while employing apps accessing location information.
  • Wiretapping via Mimicry: UAB Research Highlights a Fundamental Vulnerability of a Secure Communication Technology
    UAB researchers identify fundamental problems with a popular technology for securing communications over the Internet and reveal automated mimicry attacks that enable wiretapping.
  • Wiretapping via Mimicry
    University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers are explaining why there are concerns with the end-to-end security of an increasingly popular means of communication, and what users can do to defend against potential threats.
  • UAB to serve on council to support a new federally funded cybersecurity center
    UAB’s CIA|JFR joins top universities to help combat cybercrime.
  • Saxena awarded nearly $75,000 to study CAPTCHA mechanisms
    Comcast grant will allow faculty member to further online security and usability research.
  • New Directors Announced for UAB Cyber Center
    John Sloan, Ph.D., has been named the new director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s UAB Center for Cyber Security. Puri Bangalore, Ph.D., will assume Sloan’s former position of assistant director of the UAB Center for Cyber Security.
  • Dr. Solorio Wins GHC Denice Denton Emerging Leader ABIE Award
    UAB Computer and Information Sciences assistant professor Thamar Solorio has been named the winner of the Denice Denton Emerging Leader ABIE Award. The award recognizes a junior faculty member for high-quality research and significant positive impact on diversity.
  • UAB information security expert gives tips for protecting your identity
    Alabama consumers can better respond to cases of identity theft when equipped with knowledge of reporting process.
  • Top National Security Agencies Recognize UAB’s Cybercrime Research
    For the second year in a row, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have designated the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a UAB Center for Cyber Security.
  • Passwords? Soon you may log in securely without them
    An innovative solution for safeguarding personal information relies on your proximity instead of your memory.
  • Research Improves Ease and Security of Password Protections
    In a paper presented at the 2014 Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium, researchers offered innovative options to improve the security of two-factor authentication systems while also ensuring the systems’ usability.
  • Startup Co-Founded by Warner named on Inc's Best Industry Startups list
    Malcovery Security, a startup co-founded by UAB researcher and Center member Gary Warner, has been named on Inc.'s 2014 Best Industry Startup list.
  • Facebook Cybersecurity Capture the Flag
    A Facebook-sponsored game of cybersecurity “Capture the Flag” was held March 22nd from 9am -3pm at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  UAB joined Stanford University as the first U.S. universities to host the Facebook event designed to test the skills of up-and-coming cybersecurity programmers as they try to penetrate peers’ online security while defending their own.
  • UAB to host Facebook-sponsored cybersecurity competition
    UAB and Stanford are the first U.S. universities chosen for Facebook-sponsored contest in which computer-security enthusiasts attack and defend from peers online.

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