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  • UABTeach to partner with state and national agencies to connect STEM teachers with rural Alabama students
    UABTeach will serve as the pedagogical core of the Alabama Rural Learning Accelerator by providing faculty and interns as virtual educators and tutors to students in Bullock County.
  • Meadows Appointed Co-Chair of Alabama State Department of Education Committee
    Lee Meadows, Ph.D., will serve as co-chair for the Alabama State Department of Education Strategic Planning Committee on Science.
  • UABTeach Sees Continued Growth, Looks to Keep Momentum
    The program, designed to quickly produce a new teaching force of highly qualified STEM instructors, is growing at a rapid rate.
  • Planting Roots, Growing STEM
    The innovative UABTeach program educates Alabama’s future teachers.
  • UABTeach Paves the Way for New STEM Teachers
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham UABTeach program is wrapping up a highly successful first year, surpassing enrollment expectations and garnering philanthropic funding.
  • Birmingham Education Foundation at UABTeach
    Special guests from the Birmingham Education Foundation delivered a powerful message of a bright future for UABTeach pre-service teachers and the work they can do with the students of Birmingham City Schools.
  • Amy Morgan Named First UABTeach Master Teacher
    Amy Morgan, Ph.D., has been named the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s first master teacher for UABTeach, a program designed to nurture and train a new teaching force of highly qualified instructors in STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • A Strong Stem
    UAB was one of only five research universities chosen by the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) as expansion sites for their UTeach secondary science, technology, engineering, and math teacher preparation programs.
  • UAB Announces a New Program that Will Increase STEM Teachers in Alabama
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham is one of five research universities awarded a grant to implement a program that will increase the number of highly trained secondary science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, teachers in the classroom.

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