Department of Political Science and Public Administration

  • 35,000 miles, $100,000 and 5 paths to global change

    Five faculty are translating proven methods directly from Birmingham to locations around the world with pilot funding from the Sparkman Center for Global Health.

  • UAB will host Human Trafficking in Alabama lecture Sept. 26

    Learn more about human trafficking in Alabama with state Representative Merika Coleman.

  • Three UAB Political Science and Public Administration faculty win national awards

    Ertas, Haque and Gunther-Canada recognized for outstanding service within the fields of public policy and public administration.

  • Meet the faculty developing service-learning curricula

    During the past year, 11 faculty from varied disciplines developed ideas for service-learning to promote active and ethical citizenship, social responsibility and engagement.

  • 5 reasons to share your work at the UAB Expo

    Two past Expo presenters explain what students have to gain from UAB’s undergraduate research showcase. Abstract submissions are open now through Nov. 18.

  • Political Science and Public Administration faculty win national awards

    Three faculty members in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration received organization-wide awards from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration.

    Three faculty members in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Dr. Nevbahar Ertas, Dr. Akhlaque Haque and Dr. Wendy Gunther-Canada, received organization-wide awards from NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration). NASPAA is the accreditation agency for schools of public policy and public administration, and is the primary organization for pedagogy and administration in those fields.

    Ertas won the NASPAA Award for Outstanding Service, specifically for her role as Chapter Advisor of Pi Alpha Alpha, the honors organization in the area of professional public administration.

    Haque and Gunther-Canada will be honored for co-authoring the 2019 Article of the Year in the Journal of Public Affairs Education (JPAE). JPAE is the flagship journal of NASPAA and is and is widely considered a top journal of pedagogy and program administration within the field. Their article, "Public Service For All: How a Global Ethic Prepares Public Administrators for a Transnational Century," was lauded for its “span of coverage, methods, and impact to the field.” The awards committee further cited the articles’ role in helping to “increase evidence-based instruction and administration of public affairs programs.”

    They will accept their awards at the national meeting of NASPAA, which will be held in October in Los Angeles.

  • An undergrad’s 5-step plan to change the world, from trailer park to United Nations

    Sustainability intern Abigail Franks has a message: Renewable energy has a bright future in Alabama. Some big names are listening, from UAB to City Hall and across the country. 

  • Doctoral hooding, commencement ceremonies are Aug. 9-10

    Tina Kempin Reuter, Ph.D., and Professor Greg Pence, Ph.D., will carry the mace in the graduate and undergraduate ceremonies, respectively.

  • UAB doctoral hooding, commencement ceremonies are Aug. 9-10

    This summer, approximately 1,708 students will graduate from UAB, and nearly 1,000 are expected to participate in the ceremonies.

  • 6 faculty offer high praise for CTL’s new certificate program

    The first to earn platinum status from the Center for Teaching and Learning share how not to be boring, why observations are good and other lessons from the heart.

  • When the machines come for government jobs, will efficiency crush equity?

    Study finds that women and minorities could bear the brunt of layoffs in state and local government as automation increases.

  • 9 times 'Parks and Recreation' taught us how to get real about ethics

    Erin Borry leverages sitcom laughs to prepare future bureaucrats for sticky situations in government work.

  • Amsler, Kempin Reuter receive mentorship award

    The UAB Graduate Dean's Excellence in Mentorship Award recognizes full-time regular UAB faculty members who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments as mentors of graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows.

  • Phenomenal year for undergraduates presenting research on the big stage

    Five UAB students will present at the World Congress on Undergraduate Research in Oldenburg, Germany.

  • UAB Office of Undergraduate Research to host annual Spring Expo on April 18-19

    UAB students are gearing up for the annual Spring Expo to celebrate research and service-learning endeavors.

  • UAB Commission on the Status of Women honors six Outstanding Women for 2019

    Six UAB women are honored as the Outstanding Women for 2019 by the Commission on the Status of Women in celebration of Women’s History Month.

  • Six honored as Outstanding Women for 2019

    Each year the UAB Commission on the Status of Women presents these awards during Women’s History Month to honor women in the UAB and Birmingham communities who have mentored or served other women, taken a courageous stance or overcome adversity to achieve a goal. They will be honored during a special ceremony March 20.

  • UAB graduate and professional programs again ranked among the nation’s best

    U.S. News & World Report ranking features a number of UAB programs ranked in the top 25, including a School of Health Professions’ master’s program at No. 1.

  • 2019 Winners of College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching Announced

    Established in 2018, the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes full-time regular faculty members of College of Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in teaching.

    Established in 2018, the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes full-time regular faculty members of College of Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in teaching. The individual must have held faculty status at UAB for a minimum of three years and may receive the award only once in any three-year period. Winners were selected by the CAS President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Committee from three groupings of the College's academic departments:

    • Arts and Humanities – Art and Art History, Music, Theatre, Communication Studies, English, Foreign Languages, History and Philosophy
    • Natural Sciences and Mathematics – Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences – African American Studies, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology

    Winners were selected for their outstanding accomplishments in teaching as demonstrated by broad and thorough knowledge of the subject area; ability to convey difficult concepts; fairness, open-mindedness and accessibility to students; ability to inspire and mentor students; effective use of innovative teaching methods, promotion of ethical and professional values; modeling service and scholarly activities; and more.

    The three winners will be honored at a reception at the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts on March 5 and will be considered for the final College of Arts and Sciences nominee for the President’s Award of Excellence in Teaching.

    From the Arts and Humanities, Dr. DeReef Jamison, Associate Professor in the African American Studies Program

    Dr. Jamison explores the connections between Africana intellectual history and social science, particularly the notion of cultural consciousness. In his teaching, Dr. Jamison encourages students to think critically about the world in which they live. As he says in his faculty bio, he seeks to follow the model set by pioneering African American Studies scholars who stressed academic excellence, social responsibility, and social change.

    Dr. Jamison received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Bowie State University, his master's in community psychology from Florida A&M University, and his doctorate from Temple University in African American Studies.

    One of his student nominators said, "Dr. Jamison's classroom is unlike any other educational space. His remarkable teaching style remains a highlight of my education at UAB. He also takes a careful interest in each student and is available to expound on class assignments and topics or just sit and listen to the fanciful ideas of aspiring scholars. It was Dr. Jamison’s encouragement that persuaded me to apply to be an intern at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, and his love of and commitment to his research and publications emboldened me to pursue graduate school."

    From the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Dr. Karolina Mukhtar, Associate Professor in the Department of Biology

    Dr. Mukhtar graduated with a joint B.S./M.Sc. in biology from the University of Szczecin, Poland. She received her Ph.D. in genetics from the Max-Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne, Germany, and completed her post-doc in plant immunity from Duke University.

    Her research focuses on various aspects of plant-microbe interactions using genetic and biochemical approaches. Specifically, she explores the interface between the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and several of its pathogens, including both fungi and bacteria. She is a committed teacher at all levels, including K-12, and was named one of the 11 inaugural UAB Faculty Fellows in Service Learning.

    She has created innovative teaching methods and is committed to developing instructional strategies for students with various learning disabilities. In Spring 2015, she was named Outstanding Faculty Mentor by the Office of Disability Support Services.

    One of Dr. Mukhtar's student nominators said, "Dr. Mukhtar's engaging lectures, clear explanations, and presentation of the field's newest discoveries combined to make my undergraduate Plant Biology class the best lecture-based course I have ever experienced. Later, when I was one of her Supplemental Instruction Leaders, she always made sure I had everything I needed to do my job well and made time to explain the concepts so I could better serve the students. I was able to see how she adapted her plans based on the needs of the students. She consistently looks for ways to improve her teaching methods to ensure her students gain a deeper understanding of genetics."

    From the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Dr. Erin Borry, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration

    Dr. Borry's research focuses on bureaucratic structure, employee minority status, and employee willingness to bend rules and perceptions of red tape. She has also published work on governmental transparency and government websites.

    Dr. Borry received her bachelor's degree and master's in public administration from Rutgers University and her doctorate from the University of Kansas. She currently serves as the digital media editor for the journal Public Integrity and as a board member for two sections within the American Society for Public Administration. She is also a research fellow with the Center for Organization Research and Design (CORD) at Arizona State University and is an affiliated researcher with the Local Government Workplaces Initiative (LGWI) at the University of North Carolina.

    Some of her most recent courses include Human Resources Management, Intergovernmental Relations, Open Government, and Scope of Public Administration.

    One of her nominators wrote, "Dr. Borry’s teaching influences my daily leadership. As an executive director of a local non-profit, I frequently rely on the concepts Dr. Borry demonstrated in the Human Resource Management class. When I took her class, I had limited experience managing employees. She had the challenging task of conveying a topic with which most of us had no experience, and she did so brilliantly. I’ve heard that alumni success raises the caliber of academic programs. However, alumni would not be successful without relevant, engaging, and high-caliber teaching. Dr. Erin Borry provides the academic foundation for me and my fellow alumni to succeed."

  • Srivastava named Truman Scholarship Award finalist

    UAB Honors College student will interview in early March for the prestigious Truman Scholarship.