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Psychology Advanced Interdisciplinary Nociception (PAIN) Collective

Thank you for visiting the UAB College of Arts and Sciences Psychology Advanced Interdisciplinary Nociception (PAIN) Collective site. We are a group of researchers from various backgrounds who are striving to advance our understanding of and the treatment of chronic pain conditions. Through our interdisciplinary approach to pain research, we are poised to make significant advances in the understanding of chronic pain that will permit the development of novel and effective treatments. Please visit our pages to discover the new work being done by our group, novel research published and to give to our collective. We are excited for the future of pain research and to be a leading center in this respect.

Robert Sorge, Ph.D.
Director, PAIN Collective


To bring together basic and clinical pain research for the advancement of pain management.


To gain an understanding of the mechanisms of nociception through basic, clinical, and translational research for the betterment of chronic pain treatment. Furthermore, to be a leading national center for pain research by combining innovative research and depth of knowledge.


Faculty members of the PAIN Collective: Jarred Younger, Rovert Sorge, Zina Trost, and Burel Goodin.