Due to COVID-19 uncertainties, the Department of Sociology will not have funding for new graduate students for Spring 2022.

Sociology fstudents taking a break from classes at homecoming.Sociology students taking a break from classes at homecoming.Interested in a graduate degree in Sociology? We offer two main degrees. The first is a online professional Master’s degree. The second is a traditional “bricks and mortar” PhD in Medical Sociology. We invite you to explore the degree program that interests you. If you have any questions about either program, please contact us.

Online MA in Applied Sociology

For college graduates seeking advanced training in sociology who are unable to attend classes on campus, UAB Sociology offers an MA in applied sociology that can be taken entirely online. This new program is designed to give busy professionals — government employees, business people, educators, those in military service, and others — the strong disciplinary training to prepare you for a career in business, non-profits, or government agencies.

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A UAB MA in applied sociology can enhance an already existing skill set and qualifications!  Whether you are an educator seeking to expand your teaching and research skills or someone who recognizes that knowing more about social research can help you build a better career in business or the non-profit sector, this program equips you with knowledge than can change your world.

PhD in Medical Sociology

More than 60 alumni have graduated with a PhD in medical sociology from UAB. Our students take an assortment of classes in theory, statistics, research methods, and medical sociology, and conduct research on a health-related topic for their dissertation. Usually it takes about four-to-five years to earn the PhD. With UAB's prestigious medical school, seven hospitals, and several on-campus clinics and medical research centers, there are numerous opportunities and fellowships for research and training.

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With the exception of few alumni who hold administrative positions, about half our grads teach and conduct research in universities, while the other half conduct research full-time. Some are affiliated with medical schools (e.g., UAB, Harvard, South Carolina, Texas, Miami), schools of public health (e.g., UAB, Brown), and various colleges and universities in the US (e.g., UAB, William & Mary, Mary Baldwin, Tuskegee, Mississippi State, Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee, Akron) or abroad in Europe and Asia. One holds an endowed chair at the University of Arizona in Tucson, another is Vice-President for Research at Blue Cross/Blue Shield in Philadelphia, and another is Director of Strategic Development at CE Outcomes in New York City. The largest concentration of our grads (six) is at CDC in Atlanta, helping solve the nation’s health problems.

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