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Why do an internship? It's better to ask yourself why not. Employers look for experience when reading the resume of a potential employee. A recent college grad with one or two internships will be more attractive than one without that work experience. Employers know that internships give students hands-on experience with workplace skills, challenges, and environments — experiences that make those students valuable employees.

Internships give you the chance to try out a profession and collect references and professional contacts. You can also get course credit. If there's a downside to interning, we haven't heard about it.

About the Internship Program

Sociology and medical sociology majors and minors can earn credit for an internship by completing the Sociology 488 course (permission required; apply well in advance of the planned semester of enrollment). The objective of the SOC 488 Internship is two-fold:

  1. to provide students with hands-on work experience to develop transferable knowledge and skills in a relevant career field such as social service, non-profit, or governmental organizations and
  2. to meaningfully reflect on that professional experience by applying sociological knowledge from your coursework and/or independent research.


The prerequisites for participation in the internship program include:

  • minimum of 60 credit hours earned (Junior or Senior standing)
  • major or minor in Sociology or Medical Sociology
  • successful completion (C or better) of at least 12 credits in Sociology

Internship Requirements

  • Work must be performed on-site at an approved internship agency or organization and overseen by an on-site coordinator. You must work a minimum of 40 hours per credit hour earned (120 hours for 3 credits).
  • Work duties must center on a legitimate learning experience benefiting the student. Work duties should be project or outcome oriented.
  • Students must also complete a series of academic requirements including a minimum of 3 reflection papers and a final paper or project.
Learn More about Internship Requirements (pdf)

Application Process

For more information about the SOC 488 Internship Program and for instructions to apply, please review the pdfInternship Information Packet. You must apply in advance of the semester you plan to enroll. Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall Semester: May 15
  • Spring Semester: October 1
  • Summer Semester: February 1
Download the Internship Application Form (pdf)


For additional information about sociology internships and internships for credit, contact:

Dr. Megan Brooker, Sociology Internship Director

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (205) 934-8679

You can also search the internship listings on the UAB Career Center opens a new website website.

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