April 26   ClinicalTrials.gov: Results Reporting Workshop (Research Seminar Series)
April 25   2018 Annual Translational and Transformative Informatics Symposium
April 25-26   Alabama Rural Health Conference 2018
April 27   Friday Fellows: Community Engaged Research (PCAMS, 8-9:30am)
April 27   Business Development (CCTS Drug Discovery Seminar Series)


May 1   9th Annual Diabetes Research Day
May 2   CCTS Monthly Forum: The Changing Policy Landscape for Clinical Trials
May 3   Working with Pharma and Biotech: What Researchers Need to Know (Research Seminar Series)
May 4   Friday Fellows: KL2, K12, and T32 Trainees Present Works-in-Progress (WIP) (PCAMS, 8-9:30am)
May 4   Medicinal Chemistry: From Hit to Lead (CCTS Drug Discovery Seminar Series)
May 6   All of Us Research Program Launch
May 7   Trial Innovation Network Webinar: Patient Navigation: A Strategy to Increase Minority Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials
May 10   ClinicalTrials.gov: Registration Workshop (Research Seminar Series)
May 11   Friday Fellows (PCAMS, 8-9:30am)  
May 14-17   Computational Genomics Immersion Course
May 16   Trial Innovation Network Webinar: Improving Recruitment Strategies to Increase Diversity in Pediatric Populations
May 17   UAB Pharmacy (Research Seminar Series)
May 18   Friday Fellows: NRSA Practice (PCAMS, 8-9:30am)
May 18    How to Submit an IND (CCTS Drug Discovery Seminar Series)
May 23   UAB-HudsonAlpha Center for Genomic Medicine Symposium 2018
May 24   Research Orientation Program
May 25   Friday Fellows: NRSA Practice (PCAMS, 8-9:30am)


July 27                Scientific Symposium on Precision Medicine, Neurosciences and Infectious Diseases

The Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies (PCAMS) building is located at 1924 7th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL. For a list of our recurring events, such as our Drop-in Clinics, monthly CCTS Forum, TIERS, and Research Seminar Series, click here.