Nov. 28   Technology Commercialization Pop-Up Course -- New Orleans
Nov. 29   Research Orientation Program
Nov. 30   Investigating the Use of Patient Attributes to Predict False-Positive Medical Alerts (Informatics Institute PowerTalks Colloquia)


Dec. 6   Stress Management (Special Topics in Clinical Trials (Research Seminar Series))
Dec. 7   5th Annual Comprehensive Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, Bone, and Autoimmunity Center (CAMBAC) Research Day
Dec. 7   Quality Improvement with CDW Mining, Graph-Network Analysis & Visualization: The INFECTALYTICS Project (Informatics Institute PowerTalks Colloquia)
Dec. 11   CCTS Clinical Trials Lunch & Learn
Dec. 14   The UAB Undiagnosed Diseases Program: Bioinformatic Applications in Rare Disorders (Informatics Institute PowerTalks Colloquia)
Dec. 14   Academic Writing: Five Tips for Success (Training Interdisciplinary Emerging Research Scholars (TIERS))


Jan. 4   Inaugural UAB Cohort Studies Symposium
Jan. 4   First Friday Mentoring Lunch
Jan. 9   Maintaining Effective Communication (Case Studies in Mentoring)
Jan. 16   Aligning Mentor/Mentee Expectations (Case Studies in Mentoring)
Jan. 23   Assessing Mentee Understanding (Case Studies in Mentoring)
Jan. 30   Addressing Equity and Inclusion (Case Studies in Mentoring)

The Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies (PCAMS) building is located at 1924 7th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL. For a list of our recurring events, such as our Drop-in Clinics, monthly CCTS Forum, TIERS, and Research Seminar Series, click here.