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Written by Brian C. Moon - May 23, 2024
As we conclude our CCTS In Focus: Clinical Trials campaign and Clinical Trials Week, we reflect on the collaborative spirit and remarkable achievements that have driven our efforts. This campaign has highlighted the transformative role of clinical trials in advancing human health, particularly for underserved populations, and showcased the Center for Clinical and Translational Science's commitment to eradicating health disparities.
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We have celebrated the profound impact of clinical trials on patient care and the development of breakthrough therapies. Our initiatives have focused on advancing clinical and translational science, fostering partnerships and collaborations, and addressing health disparities through innovative research programs. Continue reading below for an overview of some of the key moments from this campaign.

Research Highlights - Clinical Trials in Action

Team Highlights - Empowering Researchers

  • We highlighted the Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP), which leads a comprehensive portfolio of learning opportunities and reference assets, including the Clinical Trials Kiosk, tailored for all team members and focusing on Good Clinical Practice (GCP), research excellence and standard operating procedures across the lifecycle of a trial. These programs ensure that researchers are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct high-quality clinical trials.
  • The ClinicalTrials.gov Top-10 List provided a comprehensive guide to empower investigators with strategies for successful, innovative, and impactful clinical trials. This resource aimed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical research endeavors.
  • OnCore was spotlighted as a key tool in supporting clinical research progress through protocol administration, participant tracking, and sponsor invoicing. Its integration with other systems facilitates streamlined operations and improved compliance and safety.
  • Efforts to build a robust community of practice among clinical research professionals were emphasized through newsletters and networking initiatives. Publications like the CCTS Digest provide essential updates and foster communication, enhancing collective efforts across the research community.

Clinical Trials Week: Recognizing Dedication

Clinical Trials Day is an annual opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many individuals who make clinical trials possible and to increase awareness of clinical research achievements and opportunities for collaboration. This year, the CCTS launched an entire week of related programs! Read below for highlights from Clinical Trials Week 2024.

Clinical Trials Day Celebration
Clinical Trials Day Celebration
Over 360 individuals across 80 different departments gathered at the Wallace Tumor Institute Lobby for breakfast, tokens of appreciation and resources to further elevate the conduct of clinical research. Research leadership, including Dr. Christopher S. Brown, Dr. Robert P. Kimberly, Dr. Anupam Agarwal, and Dr. Orlando M. Gutiérrez, spoke about the importance of clinical trials and the remarkable growth and impact of our research efforts. See below for a gallery of some of the Clinical Trials Day as well as pictures shared from the CCTS Partner Network. View all pictures  from the 2024 Clinical Trials Day photo booth here.
Engaging Clinical Research Professionals
Engaging Clinical Research Professionals
A survey was distributed to gauge interest in developing an online network/forum platform for clinical research professionals. Over 100 responses have been received so far, highlighting the community's engagement and commitment to enhancing collaboration and communication. Support for this potential project has been overwhelmingly positive. There is still time to provide feedback if you have not yet responded.
Clinical Trials Staff Professional Summit
Clinical Trials Staff Professional Summit
An in-person event aimed at gathering feedback from clinical research staff about barriers and facilitators in their work, participants discussed how to improve clinical trial processes and support, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Some of the important feedback received included a need for more opportunities to share ideas and resources, a better understanding of their career ladder, a need for all team members to understand the upstream and downstream effects that each has on the other, and the opportunity to take more advantage of the workforce development that is provided.
Voices from the Trial
Voices from the Trial
The CCTS hosted a special edition of the Research Seminar Series, featuring clinical trial participants who shared their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. This event highlighted the human aspect of clinical trials and their impact on healthcare innovation, offering invaluable insights into the participants' perspectives. Panelists shed light on the importance of ongoing communication; a stronger focus on the logistics of participation, such as navigation through the hospital; and clarity of clinical expectations by the research team. All panelists expressed their overall satisfaction with their clinical trial participation, and each said they would participate again if given the opportunity. Check back soon for an event recording, which will be posted here and on the CCTS Video Channel, when available.

Reflecting on Our Collective Achievements

Our efforts throughout the "CCTS In Focus: Clinical Trials" campaign and Clinical Trials Week have emphasized the critical role of clinical trials in advancing human health. By fostering partnerships, advancing clinical and translational science, and promoting innovative research programs, we continue to drive forward our mission of reducing health disparities and improving health outcomes. The dedication and collaborative spirit of our community pave the way for continued advancements in medical science and patient care, celebrating both the participants who make this research possible and the professionals who conduct it. If you attended any events during Clinical Trials Week, we would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete this evaluation. Together, we are #advancingdiscovery. See below for just a few pictures from 2024 Clinical Trials Day, including pictures submitted from across the CCTS Partner Network. View a gallery of all 2024 Clinical Trials Day photo booth pictures here.