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Pediatric and Adult Applications

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CI therapy) is a physical rehabilitation approach designed to improve motor recovery and increase extremity use following neuromuscular injury such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and brain resection. Since 1987, Dr. Edward Taub and his research group at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) have been leaders in CI therapy research and development. Developed by Dr. Taub, the approach has been successfully used to improve function in adults and children recovering from neuromuscular dysfunction at UAB and other laboratories in the United States and abroad. Currently, research continues to examine multiple applications of CI therapy and the optimal application of CI therapy principles. The CI therapy approach represents a major paradigm shift in traditional rehabilitation because of its emphasis on a task orientation, behavioral techniques, concentrated, repetitive practice, and other characteristics. To promote understanding and appropriate use of CI therapy in clinical practice, The UAB CI Therapy Research Group, led by Dr. Taub, has developed a training program for health professionals interested in establishing CI therapy clinical programs for upper extremity (UE) recovery after adults recovering from stroke and children with hemiparesis. This training program will include common didactic coursework followed by two laboratory tracks focused on CI therapy applications for adults and children respectively. Enrollment is limited to 30 participants (15 slots for the adults track and 15 slots for the pediatric track).


November 9-13, 2021
UAB Training for CI Therapy Program for Health Professionals: Pediatric (UE) and Adult (UE and LE) (University of Alabama at Birmingham) *Currently accepting participants.

Contact Information: David M. Morris, PT, Ph.D., FAPTA at morrisd@uab.edu

Program Description

The UAB CI Therapy Training Program is designed for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants and Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants with a desire to develop CI therapy programs in their clinical setting. This course will focus on CI therapy treatment for UE rehabilitation for adults with chronic stroke and children with hemiparesis with mild to moderate impairment. The course is most appropriate for rehabilitation professionals in ambulatory settings (e.g., outpatient clinics, home health). While the training is primarily designed for clinicians, it may also be appropriate for scientists wishing to conduct CI therapy research. Participants should enter the program with a basic understanding and competency with physical rehabilitation strategies for patients recovering from neurologic injury. We anticipate that international participants may be interested in enrolling. As such, it is important to note that the course content and materials will be presented in English. The Training program is limited to 30 participants (15 slots in the adult track and 15 in the pediatric track) and enrollment is based on a “first come” basis.

A conference rate of $900 US includes admission to the Training Program and the Training Program Manual.

Questions should be addressed to:

Email: morrisd@uab.edu

CI Therapy Treatment and Training Manuals