TBI Physical Rehabilitation Study
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Do you or someone you love experience difficulty using an arm and hand due to TBI? Have these difficulties made it difficult to do daily tasks? For people who have had a TBI innovative therapies are available to you at no cost. New research studies are underway.

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Contact us at 205-934-9768, TBIrehabtherapy@uab.edu to see if you qualify.

Stroke Rehabilitation Study: Virtual Automated Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy

Recovery Rapids

CI therapy has been shown to be effective. However, there is a compelling need for a lower-cost version of CI therapy that can be easily accessed in the comfort of the patient’s home.

The home-based, CI therapy will employ an easy-to-use virtual reality video game called Recovery Rapids that can be played on a home video game system that will be supplied by the study. Patients that receive the home-based CI therapy will use a personal computer with video capabilities and a Microsoft Xbox Kinect. The video game contains tasks that were derived from activities that are used in standard CI therapy and automatically progresses with the player increasing in difficulty as the patient improves. The game is customizable to the patient’s needs. For example, if a patient has more trouble with hand activities, the game can be customized to present more hand tasks. By having rehabilitation “at their fingertips,” stroke patients can drive their own recovery. Improvements on the video game translate into improvements on everyday tasks.

Eligible patients are those who are more than six months after a stroke, can partially open and close the hand, and have some movement of the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Eligible patients will be randomized to traditional CI therapy, home-based gaming CI therapy, or standard physical therapy. Treatment will be at no cost to the patient.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Rehabilitation Study

The MS rehabilitation study is a randomized research trial. The participants will be assigned to either the CI therapy group or the Complementary / Alternative Medicine (CAM) group. The CAM therapy group combines gentle to moderate holistic exercise (land-based and/or combined with water-based), breathing techniques, muscle and mind relaxation, music relaxation, and massage therapy.

How do I get involved in the above research studies?

Please feel free to contact the CI Therapy Research Group at citherapy@uab.edu or call (205) 934-9768, for participating in the study and other queries regarding the above research studies.

At this time we are recruiting participants who had TBI 6 months earlier, a stroke at least one year earlier, or who have multiple sclerosis. In addition to the telephone questionnaire, potential participants will be evaluated by our physicians and therapists to ensure that they will have a good chance of benefitting from our research study.