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The Alabama UCEDD employs a comprehensive and broad based approach to addressing the needs and expanding the resources and services available to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  Guided by our Mission Statement and our philosophy, we are committed to advancing our program in a responsible, responsive, and culturally competent manner.  Our accomplishments and plans for the future reflect the input of faculty and consumers in close collaboration with our Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) and our many partners, including the Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities (ACDD) and the Alabama Protection and Advocacy Program (ADAP).  These collaborative efforts have assisted us in identifying the needs of individuals and families in Alabama with developmental disabilities; the prevalence of individuals with developmental disabilities, the dearth of properly trained professionals, the limited economic and health resources, and the traditionally underserved African American and the emerging Spanish-speaking communities.  Our efforts also address the following ADD areas of emphasis:  educational, health, employment, housing, transportation, and quality assurance through the core functions of training, community services and technical assistance, research, and dissemination.  Progress towards achieving goals in these core areas has been assessed in close collaboration with the Consumer Advisory Committee, who offers its ongoing input and provides advice and sustained guidance.  Accomplishment of these objectives demonstrates the commitment of the Alabama UCEDD to "make a difference".

The Alabama UCEDD is part of a national network called the Association of University Centers of Excellence (AUCD).  To learn more about the work of the network, visit the AUCD website.