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Accessibility Needs Access

UAB provides the following accommodations for graduates and guests with special needs.

  • Accessible Parking

    Accessible “handicap” parking is available in the lot on the south side of Bartow Arena in UAB LOT 24 (13th Street South between University Blvd and 6th Ave). This lot is available to persons with a valid state issued handicap permits or tags. To access this lot, please show proper handicap credentials to the attendant at the 13th Street South barricade. Please plan to arrive early as reserved seating is not guaranteed.

  • Accessible Entrance into Bartow Arena

    Guests who need easy access to elevators are advised to enter through the 13th Street lower level entrance. Security will be at the entrance to allow only those patrons needing access to an elevator (plus one guest) to enter and lead them to the elevator.

  • Accessible (Wheelchair) Seating
    • Guests who have mobility impairments are advised to arrive when the arena opens, when the availability of seating is greatest.
    • A designated area with limited seating for guests who utilize a wheelchair is available on a first come, first served basis. Guests who use a wheelchair may be accompanied by one companion in the designated wheelchair seating area. Once accessible seating is full, all other guests with mobility impairments (plus 1 guest), will be directed to the elevator and brought down to the main floor area seating.
    • There is one entrance (the main entrance on the south side of the building) to Bartow Arena on the concourse level, that guests do not have to walk up steps in order to access the building. All individuals needing an accessible entrance are advised to enter at either the main entrance (7th Avenue S) or the 13th Street, lower level entrance.
    • Graduates who are unable to use stairs will have the opportunity to meet for a "practice" run-through at Bartow Area. This will allow an opportunity to use the wheelchair lift and practice crossing the stage. For date/time and additional information, please contact Disability Support Services  at (205) 934-4205.
    • UAB does not have wheelchairs available in Bartow Arena; guests requiring a wheelchair must supply their own.
  • Auditory Assistance
    • An American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter will be present on stage for guests whose preferred mode of communication is American Sign Language. Guests needing access to view the interpreter are advised to sit in Sections 114 or 115.
    • Real-time captioning services are also available for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing. A captioner will be transcribing the ceremony and guests can view the captions on their smart device. You may request a WiFi password by contacting Gwynne Mountz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    • Guests viewing captioning through the Wi-Fi network should sit in Section 107 for stronger connectivity to the network. If you require captioning services it is recommended that you arrive 1 hour prior to the ceremony, as seating is first come first served.
  • Elevators

    Elevator is located in the northwest corner of the facility.

  • Restrooms

    An accessible ADA restroom is located on the lower level concourse.

  • Availability of Information in Accessible Formats

    This information will be made available in accessible formats upon request. Please contact Gwynne Mountz in the Office of the Provost at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (205) 996-9106.

  • Service Animals

    Bartow Arena is a place of public accommodation. Per the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals that are specifically trained to aid a person who is disabled may be present at commencement ceremonies.