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Students walking on the UAB campus under white flowering trees. The UAB Enterprise Code of Conduct opens a new website demonstrates UAB's Values in Action.  Building on UAB's core values of integrity, respect, service, and collaboration, the Code includes eight standards of behavior that are expected of all UAB community members.  It is intended to be used as a framework for guiding ethical decisions and a reference tool when evaluating best next steps.

The UAB Enterprise Code of Conduct applies to all UAB community members, including faculty, staff, volunteers, contractors, agents, affiliates, and others providing services to UAB or on behalf of UAB.  The standards of the code are important no matter what position you occupy.

For additional guidance, review the eight standards of conduct below as well as the full UAB Enterprise Code of Conduct. Employees and students should also review the Academic Integrity Code opens a new website and students should refer to the Student Conduct Code opens a new website.

Standards of Conduct

  1. Provide quality education, research, healthcare, business interactions, and other services
  2. Treat individuals with respect
  3. Comply with applicable laws, regulations, and policies
  4. Use confidential information responsibly
  5. Acknowledge and appropriately manage conflicts of interest
  6. Safeguard and accurately account for UAB resources
  7. Provide a safe environment
  8. Document, code, bill, and collect in accordance with applicable rules and regulations

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