If you have questions regarding a compliance matter or the University Compliance Office generally, please contact us by phone or email as indicated below.

University Compliance Office
AB 1120G
BIRMINGHAM AL 35294-0111
Phone: 205-996-6540
Fax: 205-975-5076

Katie Crenshaw, JD, MSEd, CCEP, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer
E-Mail: kcrenshaw@uab.edu

Marilyn C. Thomas, JD, CPA, CRMA, CCEP, Associate Risk & Compliance Officer
E-Mail: mcthomas@uab.edu

Joseph Roberson, CCEP, CHRC, Associate Risk & Compliance Officer
E-Mail: jlrober@uab.edu

Tom Jackson, PhD, Facility Security Officer
E-Mail: tej@uab.edu

Ulysses Gonzalez, Alternate Facility Security Officer
E-mail: ulysses@uab.edu

Jim Pockstaller, MAc, CPA, JD, Research Compliance Specialist
E-Mail: pockstal@uab.edu

Jereme Logan, JD, Research Compliance Specialist  
E-Mail: jcl@uab.edu

Suzanne McCown, Compliance Administrator
E-Mail: zbradley@uab.edu