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CORD hands-on, inquiry-based programs are taught in a small group format. Facilitators assist 4 - 6 students by providing essential background information, encouraging critical thinking skills, drawing relevance to daily life, and helping to conduct experiments. Facilitators include program directors, classroom teachers and UAB undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Facilitating outreach programs can be a mutually benefiting activity. Experienced facilitators commonly report self-discovery, enhanced content knowledge and improved organizational skills.

Facilitator Requirements
  • A minimum one program/month commitment
  • Completion of at least one undergraduate biology laboratory course
  • Program-specific training (content and inquiry-based methods)
  • Research and/or teaching experience is preferred, but not required

Facilitator Training

Training for each program is provided by CORD staff. Facilitator Training Workshops are held frequently. Training may also include shadowing an experienced facilitator during a program so that trainees may experience the lab from the student's viewpoint, learn to troubleshoot, and appreciate the dynamics of a teaching environment.


Facilitators are paid $10/hour.

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator for a CORD program, please contact the coordinator of the program from the list below:

Programs during the school year:
GENEius: Phone: (205) 714-8479 Email: geneius@mcwane.org
Labworks: Phone: (205) 714-8454 Email: labworks@mcwane.org

Programs during the summer:
Middle School Summer Camps: Contact Phone: (205) 934-5171 Email: ccord@uab.edu

High School Summer Science Institute: Contact Phone: (205) 934-5171 Email: ccord@uab.edu