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The Center for Community OutReach Development (CORD) was established by UAB in 1998 to advance the outreach efforts of UAB in the Birmingham community. CORD's primary focus is on advancing K-12 science education in the area and throughout the state and nation. We are particularly interested in developing programs that will decrease the regional, racial and gender disparity in science, math and engineering, by early engagement of students in science and the development of their competitiveness for the best college science and math programs. These programs will build an exceptional science workforce locally and nationally; a workforce that will strengthen America’s position as the economic leader in science and technology.


Mission Statement


CORD is the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Center for Community OutReach Development, a university-wide Center whose mission is to advance the outreach efforts of UAB in the Birmingham community. CORD seeks to accomplish these primary goals through its programs that will:
  • Establish an effective interface between UAB and the City of Birmingham in order to identify and constructively address critical areas of need within the community.
  • Develop and promote academic programs in partnership with the Birmingham City Schools (BCS).
  • Energize UAB faculty, staff, and students to develop effective outreach programs.

    CORD's financial support to outreach efforts is channeled through both competitive award programs and Center directed initiatives.