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LabWorks (Formerly: EXPLORE) was designed for middle school students (grades 6-8) but are adaptable for high school, civic groups, or the general public. The labs are hands-on experiments which use modern scientific protocols and equipment to enable students to investigate contemporary questions in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The rotation currently includes six labs which are briefly described below. McWane Science Center educators and UAB graduate students provide expertise and mentoring to students in the following programs.

LabWorks! Brochure

Isn't That a Crime?
Forensic Science and Molecular Biology

Life in a Drop
Earth and Space Science

It's a Wild Ride!

HIV Prevention
Life science

The Air Up There
Physical Science

The Eyes Have It

For scheduling or more information, please contact LabWorks at (205) 714-8454 or by email labworks@mcwane.org.