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During the summer, CORD provides teacher training in preparation for teaching the Genetics Curriculum and Microbiology Curriculumin Birmingham City High Schools. The Summer Institutes are 2 weeks long. Information covered includes the science content, the laboratory technology, textbook readings and problems, and how the course has been successfully taught in previous years. BCS teachers who have taught the course participate in the training of new teachers particularly in reference to classroom instruction.

Because the laboratory exercises encompass the many topics covered in the course, much of the workshop focusses on hands-on training in the laboratory experiments. Invited speakers cover additional topics relevant to the study of genetics. Student Fellows who provide assistance in the classrooms during the course also participate in the Institute, assisting with the experimental work and getting to know the teachers they will be working with during the year.

Concepts covered include Mendelian genetics, pedigree analysis and genetic diseases, and applications and ethics of genetic technology.

Participants learn how to collect and manipulate Drosophila melanogaster in experiments of genetic crosses, extract DNA, perform gel electrophoresis, transform bacteria with plasmid DNA, and purify protein.

Teachers learn culture techniques, microbe isolation and identification, chemical means to control bacterial growth, action of antibiotics, principles of epidemiology, and virus replication and transmission.

Below: Genetics teachers determine the offspring of a dihybrid cross in Drosophila Lab.



Currently, the Institutes are open to BCS teachers, but may be extended at a later date to other teachers wishing to teach the CORD/BCS genetics curriculum. Applications must be submitted in the Spring and participants are selected by CORD and BCS. Those selected are provided a stipend.

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