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Advanced Materials Characterization Core Policies and Procedures 

The policies detailed below are to help maintain the quality of research, provide ease of access to all users, and minimize down time.

  • Use of the lab spaces require that users keep the area clean and left in the proper condition for the next user.
  • Each facility has its own requirements for operation and state in which it users are to leave it at the end of their usage. 
  • All facilities will require training in order to use the instrument unassisted. Users can schedule training through the FBS scheduling system.
  • Access to facilities is available to users who have successful completed the training.
  • Only one student per advisor will have access to a specific facility.
  • In the event that problems arise with an instrument—errors, malfunctions, etc.—the user must notify the Core Staff immediately.
  • Any problems that arise due to misuse could result in charges to the user’s advisor. In addition, users are to notify staff immediately if the instrument is out of order.

The CORE manager reserves the right to revoke access to facilities if there are incidents where users have proven to be negligent or misuse the instrument.