Dr. Roman Johnson, a T32 CPCTP pre-doctoral fellow, has been awarded a post-doctoral fellowship in the Cancer Prevention and Education program of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard. Dr. Johnson will begin his fellowship in September 2020.

Dr. Roman JohnsonDr. Roman Johnson

Mr. Johnson is a pre-doctoral fellow and entered the program on January 1, 2019. He is a fourth-year doctoral scholar in the medical sociology program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His long-term goals include a research career focused on cancer prevention patient outcomes and underserved communities. During Dr. Johnson’s tenure with the CPCTP, he completed and successfully defended his dissertation in July 2020, entitled, “Exploring the Role of Neighborhood Quality on the Association of Race/Ethnicity and Mammography Adherence.” The theoretical framework for his dissertation describes the intersection of oppressions and systemic racism, and how intervening mechanisms impact and shape health care utilization.