The mission of the CEA is to promote the improvement of educational outcomes for students, schools, and agencies through responsive, valid, and evidence-based evaluation procedures focused on reform.

We believe research and evaluation should be about asking questions and collecting information to help answer those questions in a systematic and compelling way. Our goal is to help organizations paint a rich and comprehensive picture of the people they serve and the important ways in which they impact those people.

Our work pushes organizations, schools, and communities forward in ways they never imagined by helping them to uncover hidden successes as well as anticipate and intercept emerging challenges. We offer continual data-based feedback to your group, supplemented with thoughtful and measured recommendations.

The CEA’s on-the-ground approach sets us apart from other research centers that often alienate clients by relying on complicated statistical language or charging ahead without keeping the realities of the field in mind. With the CEA, you have access to an ongoing conversation about your work and the most powerful and meaningful methods for capturing its effect.