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By Randi Kirkland, Ph.D.

Quality Matters (QM) General Standard 7: Learner Support is comprised of Specific Standards 7.1-7.4. The purpose of General Standard 7 is to provide online students with access to technical, academic, and student support resources as well as accessibility policies and services that can help them to be more successful in online courses. Meeting this standard can be accomplished easily by utilizing the resources built into the eLearning Course Template UAB Policies and Resources module and eLearning Syllabus Template to provide the resources to your students. 

7.1: Technical Support – While technical support information for all academic technologies supported by eLearning are provided in the syllabus and the UAB Policies and Resources Module, it may be helpful to provide additional information in your syllabus or introductory module to specify any technologies beyond Canvas that will be required. You can then direct them to the Technology Resources and Requirements page to for technical support information. 

7.2: Accessibility Policies and Services – The UAB DSS Syllabus Statement regarding Disability Support Services provides the phone number and website for UAB Disability Support Services as well as information students should know about UAB’s commitment to accessibility. This statement is also provided in both the eLearning Syllabus Template and the UAB Policies and Resources module. 

7.3: Academic Support Services – Access to various academic support services such as the UAB Writing Center and UAB Libraries, are provided in both the eLearning Syllabus Template and the UAB Policies and Resources module. If there are resources specific to your course or department, such as tutoring or supplemental instruction, include instructions for accessing those services in your course. 

7.4: Student Services – Students may not be aware of all of the other services available to them that may help them to be successful in their schoolwork, career endeavors, and personal situations. These include, but are not limited to, the Career Center, Student Counseling, and One Stop (financial aid, registration, transcripts, etc.). The Student Academic Support link in the eLearning Syllabus Template and the UAB Policies and Resources module provides access to these and other student support services at UAB. 

For access to these resources, you can request a copy of the UAB Policies and Resources module (or the whole course template) and download the eLearning Syllabus Template Word document

The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies can assist in including this information in your course. If interested in assistance with instructional design, please submit an Instructional Design Request form.

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