The Quality Matters (QM) Higher Education Rubric, Sixth Edition, 2018, is a set of eight General Standards and 42 Specific Review Standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. Annotations explain the applications of the Standards and their inter-relationships. The Rubric has a scoring system used by the Review Team to determine whether a course meets Standards. Essential Standards (3-point Specific Review Standards) must be met during the review and an overall score of 85% of the points possible are required for a course to attain QM recognition.

The Eight General Standards

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  • Course Overview and Introduction
  • Learning Objectives (Competencies)
  • Assessment and Measurement
  • Instructional Materials
  • Learning Activities and Learner Interaction
  • Course Technology
  • Learner Support
  • Accessibility and Usability

When and How Do I Use the Rubric?

The Rubric is intended for use with courses that are delivered fully online or have a significant online component (hybrid and blended courses). The Quality Matters Rubric can be used in the following ways:

  • Course Design – The Rubric may be used as a framework for designing online and blended/hybrid courses.
  • Self-Reviews – These allow faculty to conduct their own reviews prior to submitting their courses for official reviews.
  • Internal/Informal Reviews – Informal reviews are conducted (at no charge) in preparation for QM formal/official reviews or for quality assurance purposes.
  • Official/Formal Reviews – Through an official course review process (UAB-Managed), a course meeting standards may carry the QM logo that recognizes and promotes it as a course that meets national standards of quality.

How Do I Obtain Access to the Rubric?

Note: This download is intended for single use only. Please do not duplicate and distribute without written permission from QM.

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