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2017 Survey Actions


What has happened as a result of the 2017 Campus Engagement Survey?

More than 2,800 faculty and staff shared their thoughts in the UAB Campus Engagement Survey from April 12-26, 2017. Results were shared in campuswide open forums in the summer and fall (watch the July 25 forum here and the Oct. 19 forum here). Feedback from the 2017 survey prompted new programs and initiatives to improve the workplace experience in core areas and leverage our strengths.

After the data was collected and analyzed, UAB’s survey partner, ModernThink, recommended steps to redress weaknesses in three areas. Key themes that emerged led to institutional and unit-level :


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Greater communication from and with senior leadership    Enhanced managerial/ leadership training and clear paths for career growth    Improved consistency in performance management processes


Here's what has been done:



What the data said:   What we did:
  • Senior leaders are not always aligned in policies and decision-making
  • Faculty and staff would like to see greater communication with and from senior leadership
  • UAB implemented quarterly meetings of all senior leaders
  • A new internal communications professional was hired to implement new practices and tools

What you can do:
Learn how to improve communication skills with "7 tips for communicating in a changing world" from the UAB Reporter



What the data said:   What we did:
  • Concerns regarding accountability, especially with addressing low performers, disrespectful behavior and favoritism
  • Need for more consistent and effective managerial/leadership skills, specifically for communication, performance management and accountability

What you can do:
Become a better leader at any level with "3 habits of effective leaders, and 5 practices for career advancement" from the UAB Reporter


Performance Management

What the data said:   What we did:
  • Clearer expectations, more opportunities for skill development, positive and actionable feedback
  • Improve the review process; procedures for addressing low performers can be improved as well
  • Developed an online performance management toolkit with expanded resources for individuals giving and receiving performance reviews
  • Created, approved and now implementing minimum standards for performance
  • A new, unified form is being created to guide performance reviews

What you can do:
Whether supervisor or employee, anyone can learn effective performance coaching techniques. Read "Recognize excellence and improve performance with these practices" from the UAB Reporter


What did we learn about the survey process?

Three key takeaways:

  1. Great response rate: People want to have a voice and contribute their thoughts.
  2. Goals and metrics are needed: As we conduct the 2019 survey, we will look for ways to measure improvement.
  3. Everyone plays a role: We must continue to learn and act — and each person at UAB is an equal and valued participant.