Laura R. Jaso

Global QEHS Manager
Hydroprocessing Associates, LLC

1 really liked the discussion board topics, learning from my peers from other industries and the expenences they shared was an eye opener on new topics that I didn't know about. The presentations were great. It was a good way to expose us to teleconferencmg that's so popular now. In regards to the learning materials, I understand the mechanism of injury concept, even an injury that appears minor can have serious consequences. I have changed many things I do at work and at home. I've been sharing what I have learned with my 14 year old daughter and she now wants to study medicine, she finds it interesting. Dr. Bidez's modules are great she explains with examples, this makes it easier for me to understand, apply it by "Framing the Problem" and identifying the legal implications. Thank you for taking the time and extra effort in teaching this course, you did a great job.