Randy Cadieux

Director of Safety, and Military Instructor Pilot
Training Squadron Six, United States Marine Corps

This coursework has had an immediate impact on my job performance. While I have been involved in risk assessment for years, including as an Operational Risk Management Instructor-Facilitator, this course has shown me a variety of perspectives on risk assessment. I have learned of benchmarks that have really allowed me to expand my limits in my current position.

The live classes are very helpful, and the depth of knowledge I have gained from the presenters is tremendous. In most traditional classes, one instructor delivers all of the course content, but in ASEM’s synchronous classes, a wide range of current industry professionals make presentations and lead discussions. These live classes, combined with the outstanding PowerPoint presentations (including audio), are quite synergistic.

The peer-to-peer learning is tremendous. I have learned an incredible amount from my classmates in the past weeks. This would have taken me months on my own to research and study. The discussion board topics are relevant and thought-provoking, and the follow-up dialogue definitely expands the level of learning and augments the original discussion questions. The projects are directly applicable to one's current work environment.

I am excited about this program and have realized the results already. I was already trained in and have been using ORM for years, but this program has really helped a great deal. The knowledge I have gained from the classes, presentations, projects, and textbook readings has allowed me to expand my experience and improve my focus at work.